About Di Bella Spring Water

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Mr. Domenico DI Bella (Father) came to South Africa in 1996 to visit his friends and to give them advice on how to install heavy machinery. He remained fascinated by this country and possibilities and what it had to offer.
From the first time he came to South Africa and he came often on holidays he remained curious, so fascinated that he decided to buy a farm, to have a place where he could spend his vacations, so it was that in 2002 he began his search for a place that he liked. He then found his haven in Ladybrand (Free State) a Farm that he liked so much he then bought. He had no intention of starting anything special from earth's natural resources, he was just happy to have found a place to relax.

There was water for personal use on the farm, but it was not enough, he decided to call a company which specializes in drilling to find water, unfortunately this search, despite the company efforts in drilling and searching for water had no positive outcome. The attempts had taken them to a depth of about 200 meters under the ground.

Mr. DI Bella a very determined & adamant man, decided to put himself on the search for water. One morning his attention was drawn to the mountain right in front of the house and he had noticed that water was running down the mountain, very capable and with his experience of handling excavators he took it upon himself to start this search for this natural resource. After about 2 months of searching he came across the source.

Because he was using the water for his own consumption, he decided to have the water analyzed by specialized laboratories, the tests turned out very satisfying, to the point that it is within the parameters of SANAS.

The step of testing and thinking about using the source of spring water, he had found and to be able to do business there with was very short, he decided to give the product a name, his name... "Di Bella Spring Water" and to dedicate this gratefully resource in memory of his son "Roberto" whom passed away in a drowning incident in 1985 and here in 2005 started his venture in bottling water. Initially in a very basic way and only for a few customers, which resides in Ladybrand, which for Mr. Domenico Di Bella and his clientele were more than customers they were his friends.

Mr. DI Bella had received positive feedback from his newly established customers and then decided to branch out by reaching out to Lesotho, Maseru

When his product started hitting the market Mr. DI Bella knew he needed assistance in order for him to pursue this new venture, he decided to ask his son Maurizio to come to South Africa to help him, and was so, that in July of 2011 Maurizio DI Bella had come to South Africa to assist his father in his new dream, come reality. .

From that moment on, many changes were made, they start to distribute Di Bella Spring Water from door to door throughout the Free State branching out more and more and discovering and being discovered.

Mr DI Bella's admiration for South Africa and his dream was by all means "Well worth the search".